Liberty Health to strengthen partnership with FBC Insurance

South Africa’s Liberty Health to strengthen partnership with FBC Insurance

By Insurance24 

HARARE , South Africa’s medical health insurer, Liberty Health has said that it is bullish about the Zimbabwean market and is looking at further developing its partnership with FBC Insurance. FBC Insurance is the underwriter of Liberty Blue Health Cover Zimbabwe.

Liberty Health Divisional Director Katy Caldis said on the sidelines of the Actuarial Society of Zimbabwe conference last week that its presence in Zimbabwe is long term and the group woul continue to scout for more opportunities.

“We are bullish about the (Zimbabwean) market which is doing well in the current environment compared to several other countries we operate from; hence, if we develop our partnership with FBC Insurance further, that would be better,” she said.

She added that currently Liberty Blue Health provides seven products in Zimbabwe and the company largely values personal care.

In her presentation at the conference, Caldis said Zimbabwe’s medical insurance sector is well structured and has a standardized coding system that enables efficiency compared to several regional countries.

She said what was required is educating the market on the necessity of medical covers while at the same time developing products that are affordable to many people.

“Pricing should not be a deterrent for one to have a basic health cover. Medical insurers should strike a balance between costs and providing services such as the needs of a client, general health and other specialty needs,” she said.
She said in Zimbabwe, like many other countries, medical insurers only offer services that are paid for without going further to monitor the health outcome of their service.

Caldis said if that is considered, that will set competition among the service providers which would in turn reduce costs in health care provision. “This will ensure affordable healthcare in Africa,” she said. FinX