• Pension funds should respond to new normal: ZAPF
    Pension funds should respond to new normal: ZAPF Staff Writer HARARE, Pensions fund investments should respond to the new normal by diversifying into E –commerce while also lowering rentals to retain higher occupancy ratios, Insurance24 has learnt. This comes as the impact of the lockdown on tenants’ businesses is set to have an adverse effect on rental income streams and spike the level of voids Read more Share...FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail […]


  • THE INTERVIEW: TROPICAL RE sets focus on sustaining growth
    TROPICAL RE sets focus on sustaining growth- Tropical RE Tropical ReInsurance was recently conferred with a BBB+ rating by GCR, a major milestone in the history of the Reinsurer. Insurance24 (24 ) I spoke to  Tropical RE Managing Director USHE Mungaraza (UM) to understand what this meant to Tropical  Re. Find the interview below: I24: You have received a BBB+ GCR rating. Tell us more about this UM: Read more Share...FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail […]


  • Govt gazettes VFEX exchange control regulations
    Govt gazettes VFEX exchange control regulations Staff Writer HARARE – Government has gazetted regulations that will guide the setting up of the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange (VFEX) under Exchange Control Regulations. This comes as the Finance Minister has set an end of August deadline for the operationalisation of the exchange, according to Treasury sources. The VFEX, which is being spearheaded Read more Share...FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail […]


  • Should pandemic insurance be mandatory for small businesses?
    In the United States, just over one third of small businesses add business interruption insurance (BI) on to their commercial property policy, according to the Insurance Information Institute. That means the vast majority Read more Share...FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail […]


  • Term insurance: How much should your coverage amount be?
    Life insurance is one of the important pillars of personal finance. In the COVID-19 era, this has assumed greater significance. In case of the death of the insured individual during the policy term, the death benefit (a lump-sum amount) is paid by the insurance company to the beneficiaries named by the individual. If the person survives the tenure of the policy, he/she doesn’t get anything back. The Read more Share...FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail […]