Insurance24 Product Profile

Insurance24 Product Profile

Insurance24 is offering sponsored space for the publication of a “Product Profiling”   page. On publication of this page, it is relayed to over 15 000 subscribers, whom we believe with a 3 level pass rate will reach at least 45 000 people.

Insurance24 Product Profiling entails, unpacking your company products on offer and will be accompanied by limited adverts and images.  Cost of a single flight is only $80.

For Instance, below NMB Bank  

NMB Bank>>>>NMBSure

Insure, Be Sure!

For all your short term insurance policies: personal insurance, business insurance and specialised classes, with NMBSURE you won’t be caught short with the unexpected. Be prepared knowing that your asset value is well secured and enjoy total peace of mind 24/7. By selecting the cover that best suits your home, household and other insurance needs.

Vehicle Insurance

If you own a vehicle(s) insurance is a necessity. Insurance can be purchased for cars, trucks and motorcycles. Car theft or car accidents are an unhappy fact of life and NMBSure provides you financial protection against physical damage and/or bodily harm resulting from accidents or liability therefrom. Full third party fire and theft provides cover against liability to others as well as the insured’s vehicle against damage by fire and theft. Get comprehensive cover today and ensure that you have peace of mind.

Household Insurance

Protect your building now. Home insurance is where only the building and any improvements are covered against fire, Lightning, explosion, storm, flood, riot strikes, malicious, impact, water, and theft damages. The building is essentially the structure of your home; it includes all solid structures on the property. Items such as:

  • The main residence/building
  • Private garages
  • Domestic/servant quarters
  • Walls, gates, fences, excluding hedges
  • Swimming pools, filtration plants
  • Borehole pumps and electric motors
  • Satellite dishes, tennis courts, sauna bath
  • Paved driveways, pathways
  • Landlord’s fixtures and fittings

NMBSure offers you affordable premiums, no excess on claims for building and contents 

About Insurance24

Insurance24 ( is an online news and insurance research company whose primary aim is to provide insurance news, data and research via individual emails and website to our subscribers. The company also aims to market insurance products, updates, new developments to service providers and consumers in the insurance sector. We have a primary mailing list of over 15 000. Our estimation is that a single email we send out would reach at least 3 people therefore: we expect to reach at least 45 000 people every day. We pride in being always first with insurance news, information and data required by businesses and professionals thus meeting the needs of our clients. Insurance24’s target markets include industry professional, the government, politicians, legal fraternity, financial services, agriculture, business executives, company directors and real estate industries.

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