Woman Who Cut Off Hand in Attempt to Commit $1 Million Insurance Fraud Sentenced to Prison

One woman and her boyfriend showed what lengths they would travel to secure over $1 million.

Per TMZ, a Slovenian woman named Julija Adlesic and her boyfriend strung together a plan to collect the multiple insurance policies that they had taken out on her. The couple reportedly had at least five insurance policies on the woman that totaled around $1.16 million.

To secure this money, the couple decided to cut off the woman’s hand with a circular saw. They would then file some sort of disability claim that would grant them half a million dollars upfront then the rest would be given in monthly installments.

This might sound outlandish, but the 22-year-old actually went through with the scheme. After cutting off her hand, Adlesic and her accomplice tried to submit the claim by stating an accident happened when she was cutting branches. Yet during an investigation, Adlesic’s plan started to unravel leading the insurance company to file fraud charges against the couple.

During the trial, the prosecution said the couple made internet searches regarding fake hands a few days before the incident. The court also found that Adlesic purposely left her hand behind when going to the hospital to ensure that the disability would be permanent. Despite this, authorities were able to recover the hand and sew it back on. Now, Adlesic is looking at two years in prison while her boyfriend has been sentenced to three years.