WIZ urged to scout for development opportunities for members

WIZ urged to scout for development opportunities for members

Staff writer

HARARE, Patron of the Women in Insurance Zimbabwe (WIZ) who is also commissioner of the Insurance and Pensions Commission  (Ipec) Grace Muradzikwa says the organization should scout development opportunities for women in Insurance as it seeks to groom assertive strong leaders.

WIZ which was formed last year with the purpose of recognizing, supporting and uplifting women was launched last week in the capital.

Speaking during the launch, Muradzikwa said the initiative came about after realizing the need to promote and increase diversity through the inclusion of women to leadership positions in the insurance sector.

With the rapidly evolving technologies changing the nature of how business is done and a high proportion of the insurance workforce aging imminently retiring, she said the industry has found itself with a critical need for recruiting and nurturing top talent which is abundant in young ladies.

“As patron of WIZ I have expectations. It should be a ministry to increase our numbers and not be apologetic about it.  I am always acutely aware that I am where I am because someone gave me the opportunity to prove myself and not because I was the smartest at the time,” she said.

She added that WIZ is also expected to deliberately organize programming for women that include mentorship and coaching programs for middle managers.

“As WIZ, the organization should mentor women of integrity who are fit and proper to scout for development opportunities for women in Insurance. There are many developmental organizations offering targeted professional courses for women,” she said

Muradzikwa added that WIZ should also have a vision to start its own process of profiling each other.

The launch of WIZ coincides with international women’s day which was celebrated on the 8 of March 2021.