SECZIM launches capital market investor education campaign

SECZIM launches capital market investor education campaign

HARARE, The capital market regulator, the Securities Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe (SecZim) has launched a capital market investor education campaign seeks among other things to help the average Zimbabwean to understand how to harness the stock market to build personal wealth.

The campaign running under the theme, ‘What’s Your Hustle’ is in partnership with the capital market players the Investor protection Fund, Financial Securities Exchange Zimbabwe (Finsec), the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) and Chengetedzai Depository Company Limited (CDC).

SECZIM chief executive officer Tafadzwa Chinamo at the launch yesterday said the processes and requirements to transact on the capital markets should be lowered to a basic KYC which will encourage activity.

“The campaign also seeks to educate and encourage Zimbabweans to think long term about their finances and to invest in financial planning, informing them about the investments platforms that are currently available in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Chinamo said Zimbabweans work hard for every dollar they make, and the idea of the hustle is common practice of having multiple income streams rather than relying on one job.

“Over the years, many Zimbabweans have stopped or avoided transacting on the stock market, while many people lack the knowledge to empower them to invest fruitfully,” he said.

The campaign also seeks to educate the public about how to take their hustle to the next level by growing the money they make. Through the campaign, the financial literacy of the public will be increased, helping to grow a culture of long-term financial planning.

Commenting on the campaign, CDC chief executive officer Campbell Musiiwa said investor education is critical in attracting new investors and growing the capital market.

He said it is also important in achieving the goal of protecting investors through the provision of critical information required for decision making.

“CDC undertakes on-going investor education efforts including organized Tours of the CSD and ZSE for schools and colleges, conference Presentations, promoting the publication of independent articles on the

CSD in the print media, interviews; and investor engagement on the company’s website and social media platforms,” he said.

Finsec CEO Collin Tapfumaneyi said at FINSEC, they recognise that developing capital markets is not only about bringing new products but also widening the investor catchment.

“We are currently seized with a comprehensive programme to achieve this. FINSEC is deploying a range of tools aimed at enhancing user experience on the Alternative Trading Platform. We fully agree with most voices that there is need to demystify capital markets.

“We also completely understand that bringing traffic to the capital market is function of simple language and simple tools. To underscore this simplicity we, at FINSEC, recognise two basic principles: That technology is measured by its accessibility and that convenience speaks to everyday solutions. Right from inception, we deployed a comprehensive capital market solution that integrates SMS, USSD and mobile money services,” he said.

Tapfumaneyi added that these are basic communication and payment channels that are common to the public and which are intended to harness in facilitating easy public participation on the ATP.

“We further welcome the growing internet penetration in the society and we are riding on this to push web and smartphone tools. On the dealer front, the FINSEC tools are focussed on technologically capacitating brokers to ensure that they are able to harvest deal traffic that the public posts through platforms that are readily available to them on USSD, on smartphones and over the web,” he said.

ZSE acting CEO Martin Matanda said over the last three years the ZSE has evolved and achieved key milestones aimed at simplifying the capital market and trading. He said the ZSE is moving further towards the digital inclusion.