Old Mutual expands funeral services to Masvingo

Old Mutual expands funeral services to Masvingo

Staff Writer

Masvingo: Old Mutual Zimbabwe has expanded its funeral service to Masvingo, marking a significant step towards providing accessible and reliable funeral services to the town as well as underscoring the group’s commitment to meeting the unique needs of the local community.

In 2022, the financial services group launched a fully-fledged funeral services business in response to customers’ calls for tangible funeral services over and above the cash benefit that Old Mutual offers.

Group chief executive Samuel Matsekete, at the launch, emphasised the significance of Old Mutual Funeral Services in Masvingo, saying arranging a funeral for a loved one is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and emotionally overwhelming experiences one can face.

“At Old Mutual Funeral Services, we understand the weight of this responsibility, and we are here to provide you with the guidance, support, and advice you need during this difficult time. We believe that no one should have to navigate this journey alone,” he said.

Funerals hold great cultural significance in Zimbabwe, representing a significant expense that can often be unplanned.
Matsekete said Old Mutual Funeral Services recognises this reality and acknowledges the financial strain it can place on families.

“With a commitment to being accessible and reliable, the company offers a range of affordable funeral plans that cater to different budgetary requirements,” he said.

The Old Mutual Flexi funeral policy provides individual plans that suit everyone’s financial circumstances, including Lite, Classic, Premium, and Supreme options.

“In times of grief and loss, Old Mutual Funeral Services is here to support the Masvingo community every step of the way,” added Matsekete.
Some of the benefits of Old Mutual Funeral Services include the parlour that is accessible 24/7, the collection of the deceased by the parlour, arranging with doctors to issue death notice, assisting in getting a death certificate, processing funeral claims for one’s convenience, and all funeral packages come with a standard cash pay-out across all plans.

Other benefits are that the premiums are very affordable, starting at as little as US$3 per month; 100% cash in lieu, where one can claim cash out if the beneficiary’s funeral was covered by another funeral policy; plans offer free cover for biological children; and there is no waiting period if one migrates from another funeral policy.

The group’s funeral services add to an array of services, including life assurance, asset management, unit trusts, property development and management, short-term insurance, and banking services.