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HARARE, Insurance providers should bolster the digital experience they deliver to intermediaries as well as to their direct customers.

Customer expectations and behavior are changing dramatically because of digital disruption and rising consumer clout. Customers want service providers to offer them enticing and rewarding digital experiences. What’s more, this trend is also taking place among business customers.

Insurers don’t just need to revamp their direct channels to meet the growing demands of their customers. They must also change their indirect channels. Brokers and other intermediaries want the same high levels of customer experience as policyholders.

We found that 80 percent of business-to-business companies risk losing revenue because they haven’t developed their customer experience strategies properly.

Ninety percent of the 1 350 executives we surveyed across industries in 10 major markets cited the customer experience as very important to their organization’s strategic priorities. Seventy-five percent believe it will be even more important in the next two years. However, only 20 percent said the customer experience was enhancing their financial performance.

Insurers, according to our research, are among the organizations that have been the slowest to use the customer experience to boost business-to-business revenues. To catch up they need to make some big changes. The rewards are likely to be substantial.

Insurance providers should enhance the experience they provide to all their customers and business partners. Simply adding a digital channel to the distribution network is no longer sufficient.

All marketing, sales and service avenues need to be integrated with digital platforms that gather customer information and deliver enhanced experiences to intermediaries and policyholders. Customer experience applications that incorporate emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, voice and facial recognition and extended reality need to be rolled-out to intermediaries as well as consumers, to provide a broad offering of truly “human” insurance experiences.

Many insurers are working on improving their customer experiences. Fewer firms are devoting as much attention and investment towards their agent and brokers.


“Focus on the big picture—Reach your potential!”

Why does it seem like time goes by so quickly? Do you often ask yourself that question? We start a week and before we know it, it’s already the weekend…and you have not achieved anything tangible. Make the best out of each and every day, be able to reach your fullest potential every single day. Even during the days where you relax and recharge, enjoy every moment that’s the spirit! When it comes to reaching your fullest potential every day, it’s all about planning. If you’re not a good planner, you’ll have to start learning.

We live in a society filled with so many distractions, that end up getting caught up with life’s frustrations. Focus on the big picture. It’s so important to focus on what you want. What does the big picture look like to you? What are the goals that you want to accomplish? When it comes to reaching your potential every day, it’s important that you know what the big picture looks like. Why do you do what you do? What is the reason that you go to work or come home and provide for your family? When you have purpose and reason in your life, you’re more able to live out each day to your fullest potential.

Without any planning, you will just get pushed around and have no direction in life. Reaching your potential every day is about planning your day in alignment with what matters to you. Focus on what is important in your life. Maybe it’s providing for your family or spending quality time with your family. Living in alignment with that matters to you will help you reach your fullest potential.

Have you asked yourself how your attitude is like? Can you possibly reach your fullest potential when you have a negative attitude about yourself? It’s all about your perspective and how you view yourself and your life. Have a positive attitude. With a positive attitude, you’ll be able to stay focused on what you want to accomplish every day and no one will ever still that away from you.

Live with a passion. With so much going on, it’s easy to just go, go and not take the time to see the good times. Enjoy the moments that you experience throughout each day. This will help you feel grateful and appreciative of what you have in your life.

Enjoy the simple things like having a roof over your head and being able to afford food for your family. Although being productive is important, taking the time to enjoy each moment is important too.

STAY FOCUSED! PLAN! Having negative thoughts is contagious and it can block your way to

reaching your potential. Be productive and committed to excellence always.


Accenture Insurance ,  IJEAN-FRANÇOIS GASC Managing Director