Tendai Karonga, ICZ’s Executive Officer


Victims of road traffic accidents involving foreign registered vehicles have been accessing compensation under the Motor Insurance Pool (MIP) upon lodging their claims. Unfortunately, some claims have gone unpaid due to non-fulfilment of requirements.

Some policyholders or victims have not been lodging claims due to inadequate knowledge of the processes involved whist for some there is no attempt to lodge claims at all. In such instances, victims have been left burdened with medical bills from treatment of injuries sustained in the accidents or are unable to repair or replace damaged property. Following this realisation, the Insurance Council of Zimbabwe ICZ), administrators of the MIP, has embarked on an awareness campaign to make the public and policyholders aware of the existence and purpose of the insurance cover provided for under the pool.

ICZ, the association of short-term insurers in Zimbabwe, administers special insurance risks on behalf of its members. Special risks are administered under pool arrangements if proven challenging to be underwritten by individual insurers due to the risks involved. One such risk is the mandatory third-party motor insurance for all foreign registered vehicles driven into Zimbabwe which is issued by ZIMRA as ICZ’s agent at all border posts under the MIP.

The third-party motor cover is issued for the benefit of victims involved in accidents with foreign registered vehicles driven in Zimbabwe. The MIP cover compensates third-parties for bodily injury, death as well as property damage.

Policyholders are normally drivers in transit through Zimbabwe or in the country for a short period have limited time to source and prove the required documentation to lodge a claim for the victims’ benefit in the event of an accident. Some policyholders resort to paying victims from their own pockets and many a times short-changing aggrieved third parties.

The campaign is raising awareness to the fact that either a policyholder or a victim is able to lodge a claim under MIP on condition that the party lodging the claim is in possession of adequate documentation. If a victim is to lodge a claim, one should ensure that they collect all the required documentation from the policyholder, who is the driver of the foreign-registered vehicle. The crucial documents required include a police report, proof of insurance cover and a copy of the driver’s driving licence.

Tendai Karonga, ICZ’s Executive Officer said “The policyholders and the public ought to be made aware of policies that are taken out for their benefit and should be provided with the necessary information on how to access compensation when needed.”

Karonga emphasised that ICZ would endeavour to educate and raise public awareness on the MIP claims requirements so that all deserving victims would be compensated accordingly. Awareness information is being disseminated through main radio stations including community stations with coverage along highways leading to border posts where accidents involving foreign registered vehicles are most prevalent.

According to the rules of the pool, policyholders or victims with claims that are less than three years old may still lodge claims on condition that they are able to acquire the required documents. ICZ is accepting claims submitted physically or through email for convenience and safety during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For assistance call ICZ offices on 263 8677007101 or email to [email protected]