Give us a chance – NSSA Boss

The National Social Security Authority (NSSA)  Acting General  Manager ,Arthur Manase has pleaded for a chance to grow the authority saying it had potential that can only be realised through avoiding sensationalism.

Staff Reporter

Manase was speaking at the 2020 Insurance and Pensions Journalists Mentorship Programme.

While he admitted that NSSA had had an unpleasant past, he said there were now  deliberate efforts to cleanse the authority  giving it a new face that  is hinged on  accountability, honesty and transparency .

“ Give NSSA a chance to grow.  It will come through shying  away from   sensationalism and clinging on to issues  of the Past.  NSSA had had challenges in the past  but there are now deliberate efforts to make sure   NSSA cleanse itself  of that past .We are creating a new NSSA anchored  on  transparency , honesty and  accountability ,” he said,

 On Transparency, Manase reiterated that he was dealing with practices of the past where  the authorities business was  shrouded  in secrecy .

“We are doing away with the past where things were done without anyone knowing what was happening, which project was going on and who was involved. We believe everyone should have an insight on   what’s going on inside the authority. This is because NSSA  is only a custodian of  people’s contributions. NSSA has the potential to grow .What we want to do now is to make sure that the potential is realised,” he said.

He added that there were efforts to ensure that  the authority lives up to the promises it has made to its  various  stakeholders  without making excuses while also ensuring Zero tolerance to opaque transactions.

Manase said the henceforth the authority was embarking on projects that projects that will have social impact on the lives of people  in addition to overall capacitation of the authority while also maximising on engagements  with all its stakeholders .