Funeral Assurers seek to unite and advance sector interests at 4th conference

Funeral Assurers seek to unite and advance sector interests at 4th conference

Dorcas Chigodho

Staff Reporter

HARARE, AT least 200 delegates are expected at the 4th conference of the Zimbabwe Association of Funeral Assurers (Zafa) to be held in Bulawayo next week as it seeks to unite and advance the interests of the funeral sector in Zimbabwe and abroad.

To date the association says it has received confirmations and bookings from USA, Canada Botswana South Africa and Kenya making the conference the biggest ever held by the association.

In an update the association said the conference under the theme funeral business- a call to serve is meant to strike a chord to all funeral practitioners that engaging in funeral business is far much beyond profit or financial benefit but comes with another inherent social and moral obligation which in many times requires those with a lot of passion empathy and sense of sacrifice.

The occasion is expected to be graced by then mayor of city of Bulawayo as guest of honour while there is a diversified team of speakers comprising international, regional and local presenters.

Speakers include Dr Hari close USA, Edith churchman (USA) Sam Thiara (Canada) among others.

“This topic is expected to help delegates learn and understand how funeral business is run on the other side of the world. Other topics will cover touch on quality in funnel service provision as well as micro -insurance for funeral business, these are critical areas for any serious funeral practitioners,” noted Zafa

The funeral industry which is essentially comprised funeral assurance and services makes bother moral and economic contributions to the development of the national.

Zafa also noted that the moral role of the funeral industry to ensure that citizens are laid to rest in a decent and dignified manner should not be undermined.

“On the economic front , the funeral assurance and services industry in Zimbabwe employs thousands of people who providing proving g for their families through their salaries also contribute to the fiscal through paying taxes and other salary based government levies,” said Zafa