Cimas fears potential stock outs

Cimas fears potential stock outs

Staff Reporter.

Medical aid services provider Cimas says its facing imminent potential stock outs on critical medicines supplies and reagents due to soaring replacements costs.

On this note Cimas says it will now be increasing contributions in line with market prices while suspending overdue accounts on the 1st of every month as it aims to rationalize product offering.

The medical aid managing director-Martin Mushambadope in an update said the costs of doing business and specifically the costs of healthy continue to spiral out of control as some medical provides are increasing charges in response to the economic challenges the county is facing.

“Some medical   services have a high import content and hence the costs continue to   track the currency movements. Our members are increasing shortfalls and we took steps to try and cushion them from these dire circumstances by offering where possible   medicines at our clinics medical labs tests at Medlabs and dialysis at our hemodialysis unit,” he said.


However, Mushambadope said, “We find ourselves in a situation where our stocks are fast depleting as we struggle to replenish due to price movements.

He said despite months of engagement with service providers the gap between what they expect and what   Cimas is able to offer.


Mushambadope said it was getting out of hand given the contributions being collected in relation to the exchange rate.

“Our interaction with our partners who provide various medical services to you our members has confirmed that most if not all, players are genuinely concerned about the status quo and most are by and large price takers in a market characterized by a weakening currency.

“We have seen medical providers increasing charges in response to the economic challenges the country is facing.


It has also become glaringly obvious that   we cannot let the situation   continue as is and the reality is that we are facing potential stock outs on critical medicines supplies fliers and reagents use to replacements and costs soaring.

Our solution  to narrow  the gap is to increase contributions  in line with market   proves and cost  more efficiently from members failure to do so   on our part will level  members   further  exposed to shortfalls every month   services unaffordable  and in pme instances inaccessible,” he said.

This means that Cimas with immediate will be suspending overdue account on the 1st of every month   as contributions are payable in advance.

Mushambadope said Cimas will also be rationalizing its product offerings in order to ensure service delivery.