CBZ Insurance adopts new visual identity in line with group strategy

CBZ Insurance adopts new visual identity in line with group strategy

Staff Reporter

CBZ Insurance will have new visual identity in line with the Group’s brand revolution as it seek to consolidate its market leadership as an integrated financial services provider.

CBZ Insurance is a short term insurance company, and the group’s  chairman, Marc Holtzman, recently said the group’s insurance business will going forward hinging grow hinging on new strategies the group is implementing.

He also noted that the growth of insurance is positive, leveraging on the fact that insurance penetration rate is only 2%.

However, Holtzman, in line with the new visual identity, is seeking to enhance the financial services provider’s standing as a trusted and progressive player.

CBZ is one the largest financial services institution in the country and its involvement in the sector encompasses banking, insurance, investments, risk advisory, agribusiness and microfinance.

Image: The new CBZ Holdings refreshed brand

“The coming in of a new Chairman, Marc Holtzman has given impetus to CBZ to shape a new corporate strategy and to roll out an identity that reflects its commitment to strengthening partnerships fit for forward-looking business in a digital era,” said Matilda Nyathi – Group Executive Marketing and Corporate Affairs.

As part of its front-foot strategy, the Group is introducing new technological business enablers including chip and pin cards for all account holders, enhanced digital proposition on internet banking and CBZ Touch, customer experience led processes and more financial convenience.

“In line with global standards, CBZ Holdings’ new logo has been refreshed by dropping the restrictive and dated rectangular shape. The 3D red and orange ‘button’ has been transformed into a timeless solid red circle.

“The circle symbolises unity, wholeness and infinity. In this case, it speaks to our ability to protect and grow clients’ wealth and continued provision of innovative products – all premised on a solid foundation.

“The bold font on the acronym CBZ denotes confidence and strength. It is rendered in a lowercase sans serif font – a modern and elegant font – that conveys simplicity and approachability. Since this is a logo refresh and not a break from our rich heritage, the red and blue colours were maintained in the new visual identity,” she said.

The brand refresh programme will be done in a phased approach starting this March. The rebranding programme will cover hundreds of assets and infrastructure, including bank branches, ATMs, forms, offices, online platforms, websites, business cards, uniforms and other CBZ collateral.

CBZ’s substantial brand equity and pedigree as a stable financial institution will be leveraged in extending identity to all its subsidiaries.

The brand refresh will be supported by CBZ’s sponsorship of events including the flagship CBZ Marathon which takes place at Old Georgians in Harare on Sunday, 8th March 2020.