Call for contribution in the Q1 2024 magazine

Call for contribution in the Q1 2024 magazine

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Insurance24 will on 28 MARCH 2024 publish the First Quarter 2024 (Q1 2024) Insurance and Pensions E-Magazine under the theme “Innovation, stronger client relationships in insurance and pensions”.

 The magazine will offer an outlook for the insurance and pensions through latest industry news, analysis and special features.

The magazine will be distributed through our mailing list (30k+) and will be published on our website ( for local, regional and international readers.

We are inviting stakeholders who may want to contribute articles to submit their articles on or before the March 15 2024. We believe the magazine also provides advertising opportunity for stakeholders who may also want to be profiled as well as product profiling.

About Insurance24

Insurance24 is an online platform renowned as a credible and insightful source of insurance and pensions business news critical for the general insurance market.

We take pride in our investigative team of journalists who deliver cutting edge, independent and candid content that our readers enjoy and trust.

Insurance24’s target market includes insurance professionals, pension fund managers, brokers, investment analysts, private investors, decision makers, business executives, and government officials among others.

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