Business Disruption Insurance And COVID-19

Experts have been telling us for many years that a worldwide pandemic was long overdue. But when the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve 2019, right around the time the world was hearing the first rumblings about a cluster of suspicious cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, China, did any of us think: “This is it! This is the year!” Probably not.

Still, while COVID-19’s speed and efficacy in spreading

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Inflation exceeds 800% per annum in Zimbabwe

The inflation rate in Zimbabwe has reached 837.53% on an annualized basis last July, TASS reported referring to the national bureau of statistics of Zimbabwe.

In July last year, this figure was 737.3%, the statistical office said.

The discount rate for the Zimbabwean dollar is currently 35.53% per annum, up from 31.7% in June this year. The Central Bank of Zimbabwe this week set the exchange rate

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