Zimbabwe Pension and Insurance Rights Trust (ZImPirt) differs on IPEC’s as it also pokes registered entities

Zimbabwe Pension and Insurance Tights Trust (ZImPirt) differs on IPEC’s as it also pokes registered entities

By Insurance24

HARARE, The Zimbabwe Pension and Insurance Rights Trust (ZImPirt) says the recent warning for the public not to engage organizations purporting to be insurance or pension’s experts indirectly takes away the public’s freedom to associate, which is unconstitutional.

Insurance and Pensions Commission (Ipec)  recently warned the public against engaging  individuals and organizations purporting to be insurance or pensions experts as most of these people are not qualified and registered as financial advisers.

This comes as insurance fraud is on the rise but ZIMPIRT argues that government should really act on the same people who are said to be registered and qualified as they have been on the front of prejudicing policy holders.

“The advice assumes that those engaging in the said individuals and organizations are incapable of evaluating   the quality of advice provided  by  the individual organizations compared to what  by mandated sources  and the so called qualified registered  and duly recognized institutions.

In some cases pensioners and insurance   policy holders were prejudiced by the same people said to be qualified registered and duly recognized institutions.
Pensioners organizations  ZImPirt in particular  have for years been pointing this out    leading   to the set   of commissioner of inquiry on  conversion   to US$ of benefits die  from pension funds and insurance contracts in 2015.,” said ZImPirt in a statement.

ZimPirt added that it is reasonable   to conclude   that such   public statements are a reaction to pressure from pensioner organizations.
“While with its flaws the report on the commoner of inquiry confirms this pensioner prejudice notwithstanding. Pensioners and policy holders continue to   be prejudiced with no one doing anything about it   in the circumstances the advice may be hypocritical.” added ZImPirt
ZImPirt also said It has always been its submission that submission that   the president and government   drastically   reviews and restructures the highest offices in charge   of pension and insurance policy holders and secondly to be appropriately skilled competent and professional.

“The public is once again advised to be discreet   with this advice and to continue seeking   from progressive organizations and competent individuals who have   to date organized pensioners and   insurance policy holders to have their voices heard.

Such advise should serve to alert  the president and government destitution as instigated by failure on the part of those in office and persuade the president and government   to urgently correct  this situation,” added ZImPirt.