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Pension Fund Investing – Navigating the Offshore Markets!
RIMCA in partnership with sygnia
5 April 2022, 2pm – 4:30pm
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Meet the Speakers
Gandy Gandidzanwa
Gandy Gandidzanwa
Director, RIMCA (Risk and Investment Management Consulting Actuaries)
A New Regulatory Provision – A New Opportunity/Challenge for Pension Funds?
Adam Choppin
Adam Choppin (USA)
Chairman, Association of Professional Fund Investors, Portfolio Manager, Xponance
How to Pick the Right Asset Manager in the US, Europe, China, and the Emerging Markets!
Iva Madjarova
Iva Madjarova (South Africa)
Head of Investment Consulting,
Sygnia Asset Management
Portfolio Construction in a Global Context – How We Do It!
Cuthbert Munjoma
Cuthbert Munjoma
Director, Insurance and Pensions Commission (IPEC)
Perspectives from the Regulator!
A ZAPF-Supported Event!

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