Trustee Remuneration? What Remuneration?

Trustee Remuneration? What Remuneration?

By Gandy Gandidzanwa and Itai Mukadira

This discussion demands clarity first. In fact, the topic should have been more appropriately titled, “Trustee Remuneration? What, and Why, Remuneration?”

With that out of the way, let us dig in.

At a time when the regulatory and legislative provisions are becoming more and more onerous, governance obligations forever increasing, requirements to hold trustees to even higher standards becoming much more pronounced, potential for trustees incurring legal liabilities worsening, and economic pressures mounting, this conversation could not possibly have been any better timed.

But, first things first.

There are few industries that are as conservative as the pension fund industry. It is an industry built on “sticking with the tradition”.  In its modern history of more than two centuries, or even over its extended ancient history dating back to the BC era, the industry has remained dominated by very few, slow-to-evolve, practices. Views and practices on trustee remuneration is one of them. That it is a trust-based industry possibly partly justifies why old, supposedly tried-and-tested practices tend to stick along forever. In the 21st century however, where disruption is quickly replacing old norms everywhere else, one of the industry’s virtues is probably slowly becoming its own vice. for the full article click the link below Trustee Remuneration – What Remuneration